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By | December 1, 2019

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Review (PC)

When Trey arch and Activation announced that the next iteration of Call of Duty was not going to have a single-player campaign, a lot of people were upset, and rightfully so.

We have to remember that among the Call of Duty player there are a few, myself included, that have been playing this franchise from its beginnings.

I’m not sure how many of you still remember that Call of Duty was splintered off from Medal of Honor. Back in 2002, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault shocked everyone with its debarkation sequence, and it’s a vivid memory to this day.

Some of the creators of that game, including the famous. Vince Campanella started its own company named Infinity Ward, which then made the first Call of Duty.

It was an instant success and for many years competed with the Medal of Honor franchise, until it basically won.

Somewhere along the line, Activation figured out that it takes a while for the studio to build a new Call of Duty game, so they wanted something in the interim.

They contracted Trey arch to develop a Call of Duty offshoot that would keep the gamer occupied between the more important releases.

It took some time, but Trey arch managed to build something that’s just as good as the regular Call of Duty series, if not better.

They are no longer considered the second team, and all of their games are given the same credit and attention. Which also means that the Black Ops series is going to be held to the same standard.


As you already know, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 doesn’t has a single player campaign, which is a big letdown.

One of the best things about this branch of Call of Duty was the story, and we all loved the characters, but that era seems to be behind us.

But I have a feeling that things will change for the next Black Ops.

While it’s interesting that the team chose to focus on the multiplayer aspect alone, I think that the people in charge will figure out that the story makes for a proper backbone for the game.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 does have some introductory tutorials and videos that show off the characters, with a minimal story line, but it’s like it’s not even there.

I doubt that players are going to wasted time with that, especially when so much multiplayer content is available by default.

The thing is Activation already has a case study with EA’s Star Wars games, that went through this exact phase. Players are now asking for a single player campaign as well, which makes it all the more likely to happen with the next Call of Duty.

Game play and multiplayer

Let’s move on to game play because without the story part, this is all that matters. Players have access to a number of default characters, each with its own perks.

I’m sure that the people who tried to figure what perks to give each character thought that they have to complement them, resulting in a well-balanced team.

I found that’s vastly inaccurate mostly because some of the default skills for a few of the characters seem pretty worthless.

They might make sense in a void, where everyone moves and acts like robots or AIs, but in a real scenario you’re going to find that most people want to be able to place mines, to deploy shields, to be able to see through walls, to have a dogs, and sometimes to be able to use barbed wire.

Even if the skills feel widely disproportionate, the game play in its entirety seems to work, and one of the reasons for that is the physics that governs everything.

It might not look like an essential aspect because pretty much all current games employ some kind of physics engine.

The most important aspect of the physics engine in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is the fact that it limits how the characters are moving around.

Usually, in multiplayer games, people tend to adopt a very erratic type of movement, but the reason behind that is logic.

You want to avoid getting hit by bullets or other projectiles, so moving around randomly is the best approach.

Unfortunately, hopping around like a bunny on cocaine makes the characters look ridiculous and undercuts the realism.

The flip side is that you’re going to be much more exposed yourself.

Activation (Free)

Call of Duty is one of the most played first-person shooters worldwide. Activation is now bringing it to mobile and making it free to play. It has all the classic game modes and characters from the original version.

Custom load out

The initial file is a little over 1GB, but the game comes with lots of extra data. After the full download, it will double in size. Make sure you have enough storage space before installing.

This game is only suitable for newer Android (9.0 and higher), but for good reasons. If you want to play it at the best frames per second, you’d need at least 4GB of RAM.

Bottom line: ‘Mobile gaming’ and ‘Call of Duty’ might exude an equal amount of love and hate in the gaming community but their marriage seems to be a very successful one for Activation and developer Ten cent, who saw the game reach 100 million downloads in its launch week.

Considering that Call of Duty: Mobile hasn’t even launched in China yet (where it was developed), there seems to be enough milk in the cow for Activation’s franchise to see it get the best launch of any mobile game, according to analytics firm.



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